Brighten Up!

October 23, 2019

Brighten Up!

Non-vital whitening can bring a damaged, darkened tooth back in sync with your smile.

Do you have one front tooth that is darker than the others? We can help! There are different whitening options available depending on your situation, including non-vital whitening. 

Teeth that are “non-vital” (this means a tooth that does not have blood flow to it due to decay, damage, or root canal therapy) often become discoloured over time. To brighten a non-vital tooth, a bleaching material is placed inside the affected tooth and left there until the desired shade is achieved. The tooth is then sealed with a white filling, for a natural and esthetic appearance. This procedure is known as non-vital whitening, and this is the solution that Dr. Mollot employed for the patient seen here. 

This patient had suffered a trauma to one of his front teeth as a young adult, and as a result the tooth had darkened considerably. After decades of living with this mis-matched tooth, the patient decided to do something about it, and came to see Dr. Mollot.

In just a few sessions, Dr. Mollot and his team were able to selectively and painlessly lighten this single tooth considerably, without any need for freezing. The results speak for themselves; this patient left our clinic with a new confidence and a ready smile! 

Whether you have a single “problem tooth” or you’re interested in an all-around brighter smile, our professional and safe in-office bleaching might be the right move for you, too. You can read more about the options and what to expect in our Tooth Whitening 101 article, and take a closer look at the impact of tooth whitening on the rest of your mouth. Of course, the best thing to do is always to talk to our doctors about the right solution for you, so reach out and book your consultation!