Tuxedo Dental Group, Then & Now

September 27, 2019

Tuxedo Dental Group, Then & Now

Learn how our past still drives our future, and what that means for you!

We’re so proud to call the beautiful neighbourhood of Tuxedo home, from our location in Tuxedo Park Shopping Centre. Tuxedo has a rich history – first as a town of its own and eventually as part of Winnipeg – and Tuxedo Dental Group didn’t end up here by accident! Back in 1967, that decision was made for the same reasons that still drive our decisions today: to better serve you, and to allow us to offer the very best state-of-the-art dentistry in Winnipeg. 

Today, Tuxedo is a thriving neighbourhood that any Winnipegger knows well, since it is home to major Winnipeg destinations like Assiniboine Park and Assiniboine Park Zoo. If you’re lucky enough to live or otherwise spend time in Tuxedo like we do, you might also know and love local community spots like Tuxedo Community Centre and École Tuxedo Park, along with the many wonderful restaurants, shops, and other places that makes the neighbourhood so vibrant. It’s not that long ago that Tuxedo was actually a town of its own; incorporated in 1913, Tuxedo only became officially part of Winnipeg in 1972, when it joined the “unicity” initiative along with 11 other suburbs. 

The vision for a new kind of dental clinic in Winnipeg. 

Winnipeg Dental Clinics

Tuxedo Shopping Centre was the very first shopping centre built in the town of Tuxedo, and we have been located here since the very start. In 1967, still several years before the town became part of Winnipeg, Dr. Don Proctor and Dr. Ivan Jackson were practicing dentistry in downtown Winnipeg. The doctors had a vision for a state-of-the-art dental practice that would not only offer the most advanced equipment and techniques available, but do so in a location that would be more convenient for patients and allow the clinic to operate as a true part of a vibrant residential community. Dr. Proctor and Dr. Jackson joined forces with a new graduate, Dr. Charles Burton Stewart, and the three dentists chose the suburban town of Tuxedo for their new clinic. Here, they built the Winnipeg area’s first dental practice to offer what was the most advanced dentistry of the day: 9 operatories with fully high-speed equipment and modern X-ray capabilities. 

Our commitment to providing the best lives on today.

So what does this history mean to us – and more importantly, to you – today? Well actually, quite a bit! Tuxedo Dental Group was founded and built out of a commitment to offering the very best to our patients, and today, that culture is alive and thriving in every one of our dedicated dental professionals and staff. This commitment is a mindset that is still essential to being part of our team! 

Our doctors are dedicated to continued learning and remaining on the cutting edge of dentistry, and are involved in industry organizations and community initiatives. Our clinic and onsite lab – a rare luxury in Winnipeg dental clinics – offer the latest in modern digital dentistry, so that your experience and your results are both the very best they can be. We know how important your oral health is to your general health – and we know that your experience matters just as much! Get in touch with us to let us know how we can help you.