Services Provided by Your Family Dentist

August 27, 2021

Services Provided by Your Family Dentist

Here’s what you should expect from a great family dentist in Winnipeg.

Just like a family doctor, an excellent family dentist is something everyone should have. Regular, expert dental care is crucial to your health, and can help you to avoid serious issues down the road. Choosing a clinic and a family dentist that makes you feel welcome and relaxed is also important; the right environment and personalities will help to ensure that you make, and keep, your regular appointments, and that you feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns.

So what should you expect from a family dentist in Winnipeg? Here are a few must-haves.

What is a family dentist?
A family dentist provides ongoing and comprehensive oral care through all stages of life, for the whole family. A family dentist is concerned first and foremost with caring for your overall oral hygiene and the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. 

What services does a family dentist offer?
A good family dentist will offer a full range of dental services, but following are a few of the must-have basics to look for.

  • Regular cleanings and exams
    Regular dental hygiene appointments are incredibly important for your oral care. A dental hygienist can clean your teeth in ways that you just can’t accomplish at home (although your home oral care routine is also very important!), helping to protect against tooth decay and gum disease. On top of that, regular oral exams by your family dentist will screen for oral health issues that can potentially lead to gum disease and tooth loss, and even serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke, or oral cancer.

    Read our post on How Often Do You Really Need to Go to the Dentist? for more on the importance of regular cleaning and checkups with your family dentist.
  • Fluoride treatments and dental sealants
    Children are growing and developing constantly, and that includes their teeth! As their adult teeth start to come through, important treatments offered by your family dentist can help to ensure that your child has a lifetime of healthy teeth.

    Fluoride, when used safely and in proper doses by a family dentist, can significantly reduce tooth decay. Dental sealants are another common option for preventing tooth decay in children that has been proven to be extremely effective. A clear or shaded material is applied to the adult back teeth, which are susceptible to decay, as they erupt, to act as a barrier and prevent food from becoming stuck in tooth crevices.

    Learn more about dental sealants and other aspects of children’s dental care here.
  • Cavity fillings
    Sometimes, tooth cavities do happen, and it’s important to catch and treat cavities as soon as possible. Regular visits to your family dentist will ensure that cavities are spotted right away, when they are still small and much simpler to repair.

    Your family dentist will fill the cavity with one of several available dental filling materials, such as composite resin or amalgam. This will ensure that your tooth isn’t damaged further, leading to serious problems and potential tooth loss down the road.

    You can read our full guide to cavities and dental fillings here to learn more. 

How to choose a family dentist
If you are searching for a family dentist in Winnipeg, there are several things that can help you to make the right choice! Reviews and recommendations can offer an inside glimpse of being a patient at a specific clinic, and even give you a sense of which dentist might be a good fit for you. Factors like location and services also play an important role. We’ve put together a checklist of useful things to consider when choosing a family dentist here to help you out. 

Of course, we’d love to be your family dentist! Our clean and modern clinic, warm and welcoming staff, and highly experienced, friendly dentists are just a few of the reasons you’ll love visiting Tuxedo Dental Group. See more reasons to consider making Tuxedo Dental Group your family dentist in Winnipeg right here.