A second-chance smile!

June 18, 2018

A second-chance smile!

Second time’s a charm, with the right technology and expertise.

Dealing with a broken or missing tooth is no one’s idea of fun, but when you’ve attempted to fix the issue, only to have the problem resurface, that’s when frustration can really set in.

“This patient presented with a failed restoration from a previous dental office,” Dr. Mollot says about the case seen here. Fortunately, Dr. Mollot and his team are able to work with this type of unsuccessful restoration in much the same way they would approach a damaged or missing tooth that hadn’t yet received any professional attention. By taking advantage of the technology we have on-hand and utilizing our on-site lab, we were able to fix the issue in the most stress-free and comfortable way possible for our patient.

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First, the patient’s failed restoration was removed; next, we completed a digital scan of his teeth. If you’ve ever had an analog impression made of your teeth, you know how messy and uncomfortable the process can be, and you’ll fully appreciate how much our intra-oral scanner can improve this step! But comfort is not the only benefit of a digital scan.

“The accuracy of our scanning technology allowed us to deliver a stronger, more esthetic restoration than those fabricated using more traditional techniques and materials,” Dr. Mollot explains. You can read in more detail how 3D imaging technology is used to make our services more comfortable, more effective, and more esthetic in this post.

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Using the digital scan, our on-site lab created a new restoration that was custom-made for, and expertly fit to, the patient’s mouth and jaw. The end result is a molar restored to its absolute best form AND function, and a happy patient who can finally feel confident that his smile is as good as new.

You should love your smile!
If this sounds like a result you’ve been looking for, let us take a look at any issues that are bothering you with your own smile. Our friendly team would be happy to listen to your concerns, talk to you about your options, and help you make an informed decision. Book a consultation!