Does Every Crown Need a Root Canal?

July 12, 2019

Does Every Crown Need a Root Canal?

Are you unclear about when root canal therapy is necessary? You’re not alone.

The relationship between a root canal and a crown is often misunderstood. To help you sort it out, here are the facts:

  • A root canal (or what is actually root canal therapy) is not necessarily required in order to place a dental crown. A dental crown is often placed on a living tooth (a tooth that has not undergone root canal therapy). 
  • Crowns are often used on non-root-canal-treated teeth that are structurally compromised. The tooth may have cracks, cavities, or large fillings that have affected the integrity of the tooth and made a dental crown the best option for preserving the living tooth.
  • Sometimes, a root canal may be required prior to placement of a crown so that a post can be placed inside the root canal. A tooth that is badly broken or decayed, with very little tooth structure remaining above the gumline, requires additional support for a dental crown. In these cases, root canal therapy will be needed in order to allow the dentist to place a post that will support the dental crown. Just as the canal space provides retention for the post, the post will provide retention for a crown.
  • In most circumstances, teeth that have had root canal therapy for whatever reason do require coverage with a crown. This is because:
    • A tooth that needs root canal therapy is often already badly broken down. 
    • Following root canal therapy, teeth are especially prone to cracking, often seriously and beyond repair. 
Does Every Crown Need a Root Canal?

 Keep reading to learn more about the root canal, endodontic disease, and root canal therapy and dental crowns, and to brush up on the anatomy and structure of a tooth. If you still have questions about root canals, crowns, or anything else, come see us!


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