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The True Dangers of Sugar

We're all aware of the ill effects refined sugars have on our teeth. Less known is the overall health effects of high sugar intake, and how that consumption is rising at a remarkable rate. The problem isn't just the sugar we spoon into our coffee and cereal in the morning. The bigger threat is "hidden sugar," that is sugars that are already in most processed foods. Breakfast cereals are loaded with it, and even a so-called low-fat muffin can have the equivalent of seven and a half teaspoons (37 ml), which represents about 75 % of the normal daily sugar intake.

There is some scientific debate surrounding just how sugar content is measured, but no one denies that our sugar consumption is rising rapidly. A recent detailed survey by the United States Department of Agriculture claims that we now consume 30% more than we did just twenty years ago. The soaring consumption of soft drinks, including the new sports and fruit drinks, is one major factor.

Health effects associated with this trend include increased risk of heart disease, a weakened immune system, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, kidney stones, and of course, oral health problems. Try to monitor your sugar intake, wherever it's hiding. Food labels containing words ending in "ose," for example, like fructose, mean sugar. Even salad dressings and ketchup contain an excess of sugar. In any event, ten teaspoons (50 ml) per day is more than enough to keep you sweet ...and healthy!!

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