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Sugar: Not The Only Enemy

You are likely aware that some foods, especially sweet and sticky ones, are bad for your teeth. But research has revealed new culprits! 

Foods like potato chips, crackers, breads and cakes can be damaging to your teeth. Starches found in these foods are broken down by saliva into maltose, a sugar as harmful to your teeth as table sugar. When this sugar(Maltose) comes in contact with plaque, it turns into an acid powerful enough to dissolve the hard enamel protecting your teeth, and that's how cavities start.  The habit of all day snacking, even if it is not on candy, can cause dental disease.

Fortunately; there are foods that don't promote tooth decay and can actually boost your dental health. Snacking on cheese, crunchy fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish, and low-fat dairy products can help keep your mouth healthy. You can also reduce the acidity of the saliva on your teeth by rinsing your mouth with water or eating a piece of cheese after eating.

As well, avoid sticky or chewy foods that cling to tooth surfaces, and definitely keep away from extended use of hard candies or cough drops that stay in your mouth for a long time. If you must have sweets, have them with a meal rather than on their own. And finally, ask your pharmacist if the medicine your family is taking has sugar in it! If it does, rinse well with water afterwards.

We can provide you with further nutritional information on which foods will ensure better oral health and less dental disease.  If you have questions about your diet as it relates to your oral health, please ask!

If you need more information on diet or sugar and its relationship to your teeth and dental health, please contact our the dentists at our Winnipeg dental clinic - the Tuxedo Dental Group.

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