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Gain Your Health - Quit Smoking!

Since tobacco use is the leading cause of oral cancer, it’s definitely worth it to rise to the challenge.  Quitting smoking will also provide the single biggest effect on your overall health. 

Strive for success by planning a diet and fitness program before you quit and never take a “pass” on your regular oral health exams. Drs Gauthier, Mollot, Kindrat and Archer provide visual oral cancer screenings at every check up because they understand the importance of early diagnosis.

Weight gain has been cited by many smokers as the primary reason they won’t quit.

First, it’s been estimated that you would have to gain about 125 pounds to put your health at a comparable risk of smoking. The average weight gain after quitting is only 5-10 pounds.

As your energy levels increase, you will begin to feel better and more interested in physical activity.

» A moderate increase in physical activity can help keep weight off.
» Eliminating 200 calories of food intake per day may negate the extra calories acquired from not smoking.

If you are a smoker, and are considering quitting, ask us about your smoking cessation options. It is never too late to quit!

If you need more information on diet or sugar and its relationship to your teeth and dental health, please contact our the dentists at our Winnipeg dental clinic - the Tuxedo Dental Group.

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