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Dieting and Dental Health

We frequently discuss with our patients one of the lesser known facts about prolonged dieting – the hazard it poses to your teeth and gums. Many weight-loss plans are so low in mineral and vitamin intake that good oral health can be seriously affected. For example, dairy-restricted diets limit calcium and vitamin D, essential elements for proper tooth development.

Using diet suppressants to control weight have also proven to be particularly hard on gums and teeth. One side effect of these pills is decreased saliva flow, especially in middle-aged patients. Saliva is our natural defense against cavities and gum disease as foods adhere to our teeth much longer when saliva levels are reduced. If you’re taking diet pills, increase your toothbrushing time and floss at least twice a day. This will keep your teeth clean from food and plaque. Drinking lots of water will help retain moisture in your mouth.

When dieting, make sure to use a fluoride toothpaste and not a whitening toothpaste with a peroxide ingredient as it will be too harsh in a dry oral environment and may damage dental enamel.

When watching your weight, try to include calcium in your diet. Good dietary sources include skim milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cheese, and leafy green vegetables such as broccoli. If your on a special diet, talk to us, as we have a comprehensive background in nutrition and can tell you which foods and diets may be hazardous to your teeth and gums.

Proper nutrition is an essential part of overall dental health.  Consult the Canada Food Guide for the most up to date recommendations on maintianing a balaced diet!

If you need more information on diet or sugar and its relationship to your teeth and dental health, please contact our the dentists at our Winnipeg dental clinic - the Tuxedo Dental Group.

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