Snoring & Sleep Apnea

If you’re waking up feeling tired or struggling to sleep, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder that is affecting your body’s ability to get the rest you need. In some cases, dental treatment can be exactly what’s needed to help you get the most out of every moment of sleep.
Sleep Apnea WinnipegSnoring
Snoring happens when the airway collapses during sleep; the sound is caused by the vibration of the soft palate and sides of the throat as air moves while breathing. There are various potential reasons that people snore, but some factors that potentially lead to snoring include: 
  • Being overweight
  • A small, retruded lower jaw
  • Sedatives
  • Allergies
  • Alcohol before bedtime
  • Airway obstruction

Sleep apnea
This potentially serious sleep disorder causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start while sleeping. Sleep apnea is associated with cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, stroke, irregular heart beat, and high blood pressure.

So how do you know if you have sleep apnea? Watch for the following symptoms:

  • Gasping for breath while sleeping
  • Being observed to stop breathing while sleeping by another person
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Unrefreshing sleep
  • Loud snoring
  • Dry mouth when you wake up
  • High blood pressure
  • Struggling with being overweight or obesity

Treatment for snoring and sleep apnea
Snoring and sleep apnea can often be treated with lifestyle changes such as weight loss, regular sleep routines, changing sleep position, and avoiding alcohol.

Mild to moderate sleep apnea can often be managed with dental appliances worn at night, which help to treat the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea by opening your airway to improve airflow while you sleep. 

Severe sleep apnea is usually treated with a C-PAP machine, which directs air through the nose via a nose or face mask, allowing the airway to remain open and unobstructed. 

Are you struggling to get the deep, prolonged sleep you need to feel rested and alert? We can help! Dr. Koltek has years of experience treating snoring and sleep apnea, and teaches at the Temporomandibular Disorders/Sleep Apnea Clinic at the University of Manitoba. 

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