Dental Hygiene

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! We can help you maintain good oral hygiene at home, along with regular cleanings by our friendly, experienced dental hygienists.Dental Hygienist Winnipeg

Dental hygiene is about more than just your teeth! Good oral health affects your overall long-term health, and its importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Our experienced and highly trained dental hygienists will take care of your cleaning efficiently and gently, as as an essential part of your overall oral health. Our convenient contact options and extended evening hours make it easy to fit regular hygiene appointments into your schedule.

Remember that oral health starts with prevention! Unhealthy gums cause bone loss and eventual tooth loss, and recent studies have linked gum disease to health issues like heart disease and stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. To ensure your present and future healthy, your hygiene appointment will include a thorough examination and oral cancer screening by your dentist.

Youth and children dental hygiene
Our clinic offers a Youth Hygiene Program, where children and teens can see a member of our team who provides dental hygiene services specifically focused on their needs, in our special youth hygiene room. This room has special features like a ceiling-mounted TV, and expanded fluoride flavours and flavoured gloves. The Youth Hygiene Program promotes an interactive dental culture with positive feedback designed to motivate kids and teens to develop good oral health habits.

Your child’s appointment can be scheduled in our youth hygiene room simultaneously to your appointment, for added convenience all in one location. Our dentists are comfortable and experienced with treating children and youth, and discussing their dental issues with parents. Talk to us for more information about children’s dentistry in our clinic!

Dental Hygienist Winnipeg

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