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Tuxedo Dental offers expert cavity-filling services to preserve your teeth long-term.

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Maintaining your teeth and addressing issues like cavities is important to preserving your teeth long-term. Regular checkups will ensure that we spot cavity fillings before they become big problems!

Fillings have come a long way. With nearly invisible white filling materials, we are able to repair cavities and ensure a strong and healthy tooth that maintains a more natural appearance. Smaller cavities can be filled directly inside your mouth and are normally completed in one simple visit, while larger cavities may need to be repaired in two visits, using a filling that is fabricated outside of the mouth.

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The Tuxedo Dental Group team is made up of the finest dentists in Winnipeg, with expert skills in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and more.

Our modern clinic and on-site lab are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental technology, so that no matter what your needs, you can always trust us with your smile.

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Dr. Archer is absolutely amazing. My toddler is scared of doctors and brushing his teeth is a challenge every day, so we were nervous about his first dental appointment ever. Dr. Archer set him, and us, at ease very quickly, and by the time we were done my kid was happily high-fiving Dr. Archer and didn't want to leave. Beautiful clean location and all staff encountered were extremely kind and helpful.
Gabriel Schnerch
Gabriel Schnerch
22:12 06 Mar 24
Excellent service, nice staff and clean facilities. Thank you
Jordan S
Jordan S
04:01 15 Feb 24
Dr. Mollot has been my dentist since 2015 and I couldn't be happier. Knowledgeable, kind and friendly Dr. with a wonderful staff.
Erica Sierra
Erica Sierra
11:47 05 Dec 23
Called and was seen the same day for treatment.Grateful for the quick service and care.
21:39 20 Nov 23
I've been going here for years and now my daughter's go here as well. Excellent staff who are great at their jobs and so very nice. Dr. Archer is fantastic and great with kids as well.
Melanie M
Melanie M
14:06 08 Nov 23
My dental care with Dr Marc Mollot and Michelle is consistently top knotch. They are highly skilled, always kind and they take that extra step to make sure each visit is a positive one, as does the reception staff. What a difference you all make. Thank you!
Bonnie Schroeder
Bonnie Schroeder
17:22 31 Oct 23
I lived in Manitoba for around 5 years, and if I'd be asked for a recommendation of a dentist, based on my experience from all those years I'd say Dr.Marc Mollot is the best in Winnipeg!I had ongoing dental problems that other dentists were not able to cure completely, and after I met Dr.Marc Mollot I felt the difference. :)He was always helping me in the best way with my complicated teeth issues! Very caring and patient!I was a bit sad to leave Manitoba but Dr.Marc Mollot recommended another very good specialist in my new province. 🙂
Baylan Cannol
Baylan Cannol
05:05 30 Oct 23
The staff are so welcoming and amazing.
Marci Tyc
Marci Tyc
18:51 12 Oct 23
I broke a tooth, and was leaving on a trip immediately. Dr. Gooi and his assistant got me in same day, and took care of it quickly and painlessly. High end experience. I'd rate them 11/10 if I could.
20:59 09 Aug 23
Staff were prompt,curteous and knowlegeable.
Lou Furlan
Lou Furlan
22:51 01 Jul 23
Had a visit to Tuxedo Dental this morning, 2 fillings for the taking.Went through the door and greeted by the front line ladies 💖, they are always so friendly.Took a seat in the waiting room, within mins Dr Gooi’s assistant Talea, came and took me back to a “procedure “room. Kinda scary but NOT.I’ve been a Dr Rick Minuk from polo park dental for a long time. I called him the dentist whisperer. WELL HES BEEN REPLACED!! Dr Dom Gooireplaced him! 3 needles for freezing, and not gonna lie, but I didn’t even feel the pinch they tell you about.2 fillings done absolutely no pain!!!Thank you to the fabulous Team GooiThank you Dom and Talea for making every visit entertaining, love you guys 🫶
Kathryn White
Kathryn White
18:41 16 Jun 23
I have the best dentist dr Gooi is always so patient and considerate he knows my fear and makes sure I’m comfortable before he starts anything his assistant is the same kind and considerate wish I had found them years ago
Linda Mcdiarmid
Linda Mcdiarmid
18:36 16 Jun 23

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What are Dental Cavities?

Tooth decay, clinically termed dental caries, manifests as cavities that gradually penetrate the tooth structure. This progressive breakdown initially weakens the hard enamel exterior, but can ultimately breach it, exposing the softer dentin underneath. Should dentin become compromised, intervention through a filling is necessary to restore the affected tooth.

How are Dental Cavities Assessed?

In its early stages, a developing cavity often poses no discomfort, detectable only through visual inspection or X-ray imaging during a routine dental checkup. Fortunately, such shallow lesions require minimal intervention, readily remedied with standard fillings. However, as the decay progresses and penetrates deeper layers, teeth may exhibit increasing sensitivity and even sharp pain. Repairing these advanced cavities becomes more intricate and potentially costlier, necessitating potentially multiple procedures.

What are fillings?

Dental restorations, more commonly known as fillings, play a crucial role in preserving oral health. These carefully curated materials are meticulously placed within cavities, meticulously sculpted openings caused by tooth decay, to restore structural integrity and functionality. The specific characteristics of the chosen filling material depend on the severity and location of the cavity, ensuring long-lasting protection and preserving a natural appearance. By meticulously sealing the compromised area, fillings prevent further decay and the potential for dental complications, promoting optimal oral health and well-being.

What are filling materials?

The once-ubiquitous silver amalgam, a grey-black alloy, has yielded to a spectrum of materials for restoring both form and function in compromised teeth. Amalgam’s lengthy 24-hour curing time and aesthetic drawbacks give way to options like tooth-colored composite resin. These light-activated fillings, readily sculpted to seamlessly blend with your smile, require no downtime and provide immediate functionality. For those seeking optimal aesthetics, even gold and porcelain can be crafted into custom, indirect restorations. Ultimately, the ideal material selection hinges on individual needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and natural-looking solution.

What are direct fillings?

Crafted directly within the mouth during a single visit, direct fillings offer a convenient solution for restoring damaged teeth. These versatile restorations come in two primary materials: resilient silver amalgam, known for its longevity, and tooth-colored composite resin, prized for its aesthetic appeal. Both effectively repair cavities, allowing you to leave with a restored smile and renewed oral health..

What are indirect fillings?

For extensive cavities exceeding the scope of direct fillings, indirect restorations offer enhanced strength and precision. Crafted in a dental lab using techniques impractical within the mouth, these restorations boast remarkable durability. Typically requiring two appointments, this process allows for meticulous customization in gold, porcelain, or even tooth-colored composite resin. Your dentist will guide you through your material options, ensuring a solution that best serves your specific needs and aesthetics.

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