We are so pleased that you have considered coming to us for the very best dental and oral health care. Our greatest concern is always your comfort and well-being, starting with making sure you feel comfortable ahead of your first visit, and know what to expect. Following is some basic information about starting your dental health care with us.

Our philosophy of excellence
We provide a full range of services, covering all disciplines of dentistry and including Children’s Dentistry specialists. Together, our experienced and highly educated doctors collaborate to arrive at the best possible treatment options for you. Our experienced dental hygienists care for your dental hygiene and work with our dentists to create a comfortable atmosphere, while providing you with the absolute highest standard of care. We always use the latest in dental materials, technologies, and treatment techniques, according to evidence-based dental literature and standards.

Your first visit
In order to provide you with the very highest standard of dental and oral health care, we will:

  • review your medical and dental history
  • provide you with a detailed dental examination and visual oral cancer screening
  • evaluate your teeth and smile to address any cosmetic concerns you have, which may include digital pictures of your teeth that allow us to better evaluate and discuss your specific situation
  • take digital X-rays only if necessary to detect any problems

Your first visit may also include a teeth cleaning with one of our expert and gentle dental hygienists.

Modern digital X-rays and on-site lab
We use state-of-the-art digital X-rays to get a closer look at your teeth, which give off 65% less radiation than conventional X-rays and produce more accurate images.

Our on-site lab allows for close collaboration between our doctors and our certified master technicians, and you on complex restoration work, sports mouth guards, appliances, and more. Please refer to Our Facility to learn more about our on-site lab.

Insurance assistance
If you have an insurance plan that covers dental services, our reception staff will happily assist you in completing your insurance paperwork. If your insurance provider accepts electronic claims, we will submit your claim online at the time of payment for real-time processing, in order to facilitate your prompt reimbursement. Our clinic accepts all dental insurance programs, we will submit clear estimates upon request, and pre-determinations can be sent to insurers free of charge when required. We strive to maximize your insurance benefits whenever possible.