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Whiteners Shine Up Your Smile

Do you shy away from being photographed or avoid smiling because your teeth are stained or dark? You are not alone. The number one aesthetic concern among dental patients is discoloured teeth.

Don’t repair –help is available. Even if your teeth are severely stained from smoking, coffee, tea, or aging, we can safely and effectively lighten them. Although many dental whitening products are now available on store shelved they are generally ineffective. The best method of tooth whitening is under our office’s supervision.

Tooth whitening involves the lightening of dental discolouration by application of a whitening agent – the most commonly used is hydrogen peroxide. If you’re in a hurry for brighter teeth, we can provide in-office whitening. More often though we will suggest a dentist-supervised at-home whitening which is more economical and offers much the same results. The newer products are a vast improvement over some of the older techniques because they’re safer and give more predictable results. That makes them very popular with dentists. Unlike the over-the-counter bleaching products which can actually cause damage to your teeth and gums, whitening under our supervision is much more controlled and effective.

During your first appointment we’ll take an impression of your teeth to produce a thin whitening tray that’s custom-made to fit over your teeth. The whitening tray is lightweight and can be worn comfortably while you are awake or sleeping. Along with the tray, you’ll receive the whitening materials and be given instructions on how to wear the applicance. Some whitening systems recommend waring the tray for two to four hours a day, and require three to six weeks to complete. Others work while you sleep at night, and usually take 14 to 21 days to accomplish their magic.

Lightening normally lasts from six months to five years, depending on your personal habits such as smoking, drinking red wine or the amount of coffee or tea you consume. If required, we can safely and effectively re-whiten your teeth. Let us know if you’re interested in tooth whitening. After a brief examination your treatments can begin, and within two weeks your smile will be clean, bright and white.