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Tuxedo Dental Group's Unique Planning Software

Our facility is one of only a handful in North America to add a state of the art 3D imaging software to aid in the treatment planning of dental implants.  This software allows for viewing and manipulation of digital CT Scans of a patients jaw structure.

This sort of 'virtual' treatment plan allows for the highest standards of safety and predictability in dentistry today.

In certain circumstances or for extensive cases, a specialized surgical template can be fabricated using the information from the 'virtual' 3D plan.  At the time of restoration, this template may be transferred to a patients' mouth and be used to guide the dentist in the placement of the implants.  This procedure allows for an increased level of precision and is significantly less invasive than traditional techniques.

Watch this short clip to learn more...

 Dr. M Mollot - Dr. D Kindrat - Dr. J Archer


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