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Remember Your Regular Dental Visits

Taking good care of your teeth and gums should be a habit. We like to see most of our patients for a checkup at least once every three to six months.

We refer to your checkup visit as a recall appointment. A recall dental visit can take up to an hour. Your checkup will normally include a complete cleaning(scaling and polishing), a fluoride treatment, any required radiographs, and a comprehensive dental examination for cavities or other problems. If there are no problems needing treatment, we probably won't see you again until your next recall appointment!

Giving your teeth regular checkups is the only way to keep them in tip top shape. Recall visits help to catch dental problems like decay before they turn into painful cavities. Routine dental examinations can detect life-threatening diseases like oral cancer in the early stages when they are most treatable. That is why most dental insurance plans cover at least two recall appointments a year. Insurance companies know from experience that regular recalls are a good long-term investment in your health.

We encourage you to book your recall appointment well in advance. If you aren't sure when you are due for the next one, don't delay - give us a call. Good dental habits will help your teeth last a lifetime.

For more information regarding proper dental hygiene, or to book a consulation with a Winnipeg dentist, contact our Winnipeg Dental Clinic.


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