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Cleaning a Dental Bridge

After a permanent bridge is affixed, diligent cleaning and care will ensure that your bridge lasts for years and does not have to be replaced. Caring for dental bridges over the years means always ensuring that they are regularly brushed and flossed. Extra care must be taken to ensure cleanliness at the margin where the bridge and natural tooth meet.

Patients opting for dental bridges should ensure that they understand how to clean under thier bridgework.

Similar to natural teeth, proper brushing and flossing will ensure that your bridges look great and last for years.  Ensure to ask your dentist or hygienist about the proper use of product available for you to keep your bridgework clean and healthy!

Products that can help include:

  • Floss Threaders or Superfloss
  • Mouthwash, such as Listerine
  • Electric Toothbrush - Braun Oral B or Sonicare 
  • Proxabrush
  • Soft Bristled Toothbrushes


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