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Dentistry of all Disciplines

General Dentistry At the Tuxedo Dental Group our team of dentists, hygienists, lab technicians, and support staff are committed to helping you and your children achieve and maintain that perfect smile you've always dreamed of having. Whether you require cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, complex restorations, or simply general dental services, we provide a state of the art and professional environment for everyone!

A Dental Home For The Entire Family

Regular dental visits, including cleanings, are essential in the prevention of gum (periodontal) disease, as well as maintaining overall wellness. Our team of experienced dental hygienists are committed to continuing care for both adults and children.  Make an appointment today - we'll give you a reason to smile!

Unhealthy gums are a major warning to problems ahead and the possibility of future tooth loss. Recent studies have begun to demonstrate a link between gum disease and the potential for stroke and heart disease. Regular visits to your Winnipeg dentist, including cleanings, are essential in the prevention of periodontal disease, as well as maintaining overall wellness.  We are proud to offer dental hygiene programs for adults, youth and children.  Daytime and evening appointments are available.  Book your appointment today!!

Evidence Based Dentistry

Doctors  Mollot, Kindrat, and Archer are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental treatment of the highest quality.  We will take time to answer your questions and will clearly explain all of your options. We recommend treatment based on evidence based practises so that you may feel confident that your optimal oral health is our priority. Call us today to book your first visit.

White Fillings and All Porcelain Crowns

With the aid of modern technology, many of our cosmetic restorations can be created virtually using Computer Animated Design(CAD/CAM). Our unique technology can draw on expertise from leading laboratories as far away as New York or even Stockholm to help fabricate that restoration that will give you that one in a million smile! Ask us about your cosmetic restoration options.

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