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Don't Fall Into The Whitener Paste Trap

There are many new types of toothpaste on the market that promise to make your teeth brighter and whiter. These pastes either bleach the tooth itself or remove stains with abrasion or acid etching. If you use one of these, make sure you don't fall into the whitener paste trap.

When you first use a whitener, you may think your teeth are getting whiter because the toothpaste is removing stains. But you're really removing more than that... your enamel!

If you use an abrasive whitening paste to remove surface stains once in a while, you're all right. But if you use it everyday and scrub and polish the enamel away, your teeth may actually end up looking yellowed!

The outside shell on your teeth is pretty clear. It's the supportive tissue that lies just underneath, the dentin, which is yellow in colour. As the outside enamel gets thinner, the dentin shows through more and more. Since the dentin is yellow, your teeth will eventually appear yellowed.

The best route to whiter teeth is professional cleaning! After cleaning we use a powerful but safe polish that will get your teeth as white as they'll ever be from brushing. If your teeth still aren't as white as you would like, talk to us about the many whitening options Tuxedo Dental Group has to offer. more...

For more information regarding tooth whitening, or to book a consulation with a Winnipeg dentist that is an expert in teeth whitening, contact our Winnipeg Dental Clinic.


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