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Sports Dentistry

The benefits of wearing a custom-fitted, professional mouthguard have been extremely well documented.  They can be made easily for children and adults in our on-site laboratory.

Did you Know:

  • An athlete is sixty times more likely to sustain damage to teeth when not wearing a protective mouthguard.
  • A properly fitted mouthguard reduces the chances of sustaining a face, neck, or head injury like a concussion from a blow to the jaw.
  • The cost of a fractured tooth is many times greater than the cost of a custom dentist made mouthguard.
  • Non-customized off-the-shelf sports mouthguards could dislodge, obstructing the airway. They also can cause difficulty breathing and speaking during use.
  • The majority of dental injuries are preventable through the use of mouthguards.

    Be a good sport. Call us to arrange for your custom-fitted mouthguard.  They are simple to have made and come in a variety of colors and styles.

    Did you know that the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission has encouraged sports dentistry for the elite athlete and considers proper dental health as an important factor in improving athletic performance?

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