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Replacing Single Missing Teeth - An Evolution

Long ago, if you were missing a singel tooth, there were no available options to replace it.  It was common for people to have gaps between their teeth and suffer from the associated cosmetic and oral health problems.

As dental proceedures develloped, partial dentures were invented to provide patients with removable plates to hold a false tooth in position.  Still used today in some forms, removable partial dentures are versatile and relatively simple to fabricate, but often fall short with patient satisfaction because they do not feel like natural teeth.

Modern dentistry has ussured in options for replacing single(or multiple) teeth using bridgework or dental implants.  Bridgework uses the teeth on either side of a space to hold a permanent replacement in between.  The resut is a fixed, permanent restoration that looks and feels like natural teeth do.  A Dental implant is the only stand alone solution to a missing tooth(or teeth).  A titanium tooth root is placed in the jawbone where the lost tooth was originally, and a fixed, permanent crown is attached to the implant.  The adjascent teeth re,main in their original form.

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