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The A B C's Of Brushing Children's Teeth

Teach your children how to properly brush their teeth

As a parent, it’s up to you to keep your child’s teeth healthy and happy. As they get older though, kids have to learn to take charge of their own home dental care. By the time they start walking, they can start, they can start learning the ABCs of brushing. If they learn while they are still impressionable, that brushing and flossing are fun, they'll develop good dental habits for a lifetime.  They will require supervision until about age 6 or 7 - with frequent 'inspections' and 'touch ups' by mom or dad.

Choosing the right toothpaste is a good place to start. Children can be very sensitive to strong flavours, so it's a good idea to use mild-tasting toothpaste. Try some of those kid-friendly, kaleidoscope coloured pastes -some are even flecked with sparkles! Use only a pea-shaped amount and make sure your little ones don't eat the whole tube. Remember, fluoridated pastes should be kept where kids can't get at them without your help.

Next, take your child shopping for a fancy kid-sized brush and let him or her pick one out. At home, set up a little stool so your child can look in the mirror "eye to eye" and reach the faucet without stretching.

Brushing takes time to learn so go easy! Good brushing takes at least three minutes which may test a child's fickle attention, so work up to three minutes gradually. Try brushing along with the kids and make it a game. A nursery rhyme can also help.

Here's one to tryout:

Up like a rocket
Down like rain
Back and forth like
A choo choo train

By the time they're six or seven, children are old enough to brush twice a day on their own. If you've made it a high point in the day, they'll do it with pleasure!

If you need a dentist in Winnipeg that is an expert in Children's dentistry, contact the Tuxedo Dental Group.

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