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Slam Dunks Lead To Missing Teeth

Children attempting to copy their favorite NBA star and slam dunk a basketball into a portable hoop can run the risk of damaging teeth.

The problem occurs when adjustable rims are lowered to make the thrill of a dunk possible. As children slam the ball home, their teeth are caught in the strong nylon net on the way down. One US study found that of 39 dentists surveyed, they had treated 32 children (average age approximately twelve years old) who had teeth avulsed, or ripped out, while dunking. While the most common injury was a loss of front teeth, other injuries included chipped, fractured, and loosened teeth.

The best way to avoid injury is through preventive measures. Encourage children to wear a custom fabricated mouthguard Just like the pros do!), and discourage them from leaping off picnic tables or other high take­ off points. Don't lower a backboard to a level where their face could come into contact with the net, and discourage them from hanging off the rim.

Playing safely is a large part of any sport. Encourage children to set their goals and protect their teeth for years to come.

If your child does injure their teeth while slam dunking, or participating in any physical activity, then contact Winnipeg's experts in children's dentistry at Tuxedo Dental immediately.

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