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The Purpose of Root Canal Therapy

Many people flinch when their dentists tell them they need root canal therapy. While dentists are sympathetic to fears of pain, they also want patients to know that root canal therapy has three purposes:

  1. Stop a toothache from hurting
  2. Prevent bacteria and pain from spreading into the jaw
  3. Maintain the original tooth instead of replacing it

With modern anesthetics, root canal treatment does not have to be painful at all!

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

The root canal is actually a channel that runs up the centre of the root of a tooth.  It is much like the marrow space in the center of a bone. The root canal contains blood vessels, nerves, and the complex cells that make up the living tissue inside the tooth. This lifeline inside the tooth is called the pulp.

Root canat treatment is when the pulp is removed and the channel up the center of the root is treated and filled with specialized filling materials.

When a tooth is decayed or cracked, bacteria can get to the pulp. The acid from the bacteria irritates the pulp and it becomes inflamed; it's the same process you watch when other parts of your body become infected. When the pulp tissue becomes inflamed, it's harder for blood to flow to the tissue, and the resulting pressure creates pain inside your tooth.

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