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Root Canal Treatment

What Are the most common symptoms experienced by teeth requiring root canal treatment?   Endodontic disease can manifest itself with a wide variety and combination of symptoms.

Common symptoms of teeth that may require root canal treatment include:

Lingering sensitivity to cold liquids
Lingering sensitivity to hot liquids
Pain to biting pressure
Pain that is referred from a tooth to another area, such as the neck, temple, or the ear
Spontaneous toothache, such as that experienced while reading a magazine, watching television, etc.
Constant or intermittent pain
Severe pain
Throbbing pain
Pain that may occur in response to atmospheric pressure changes, such as when flying or scuba diving
Pain that may occur in response to postural changes, such as when going from a standing to a reclining position
Swelling or infection

If you have any of these symptoms, it would be wise to see your dentist.   Some of these symptoms may also be attributable to decay, defective fillings, periodontal diseases, cracked teeth, or other tooth or bite-related problems. On other occasions, the symptoms may even be caused by disorders that are not related to the teeth.

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