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A Dental Crown

Compromised teeth are often restored with fillings of different types. These materials can often accomplish the aim of replacing the part of a tooth that has been lost as a result of breakage or decay.

However, there comes a point where the damage to the tooth has removed too much structure to hold a filling. The restoration must be done by a technique that will attach to the remaining tooth, stand up under heavier use and meet more elaborate cosmetic requirements.

A Crown is a dental restoration that can strengthen and restore the entire top of a tooth. It can also be part of the attachment of a fixed bridge for the replacement of teeth. A crowned tooth is often strengthened because it is covered from the outside with a casting of metal or ceramic that will wrap up and splint the tooth.

Often the placement of a crown can improve the contours of a tooth, reshaping it to match more effectively with the opposing teeth. A crown can improve cosmetics by the use of modern ceramic processes that produce translucency and color that is more natural than has ever been possible.  Our unque on-site lab offers the latest technology in fabrication of digitally produced ultra esthetic crowns and bridges.

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