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What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

Crowns are most often made of gold or porcelain. Crowns also can be made of stainless steel, but those crowns are often not designed for long-term wear.

Porcelain crowns are commonly used to restore broken down teeth. The Dentists at The Tuxedo Dental Group work in collaboration with our on-site ceramist to choose a porcelain that matches the shade of your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are often so carefully matched in color, that they cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth.

The Tuxedo Dental Group on-site laboratory uses a state of the art process of fabricting ultra esthetic all porcelain crowns using CAD/CAM technology.  Crowns fabricated using this technology are among the strongest and most esthetic available today!

Crowns can also be made of all gold. Gold is a very strong and biocompatible material, but some people prefer not to use gold because it stands out from the other teeth in appearance. At the same time, if the crown is on a back molar, some people feel the cosmetic issue to be less important.

Drs  Mollot, Kindrat, Archer, Bonar and Chu will be happy to discuss the types of materials best suited to restore you with a beatiful, confident smile!.

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