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Crown Replacement

This age has become one of personal fitness, good nutrition, and perfect appearance whether we like it or not. The business world expects our bodies to be trim and our smiles fresh, young, and confident. All this puts pressure on ageing boomers to take a serious look at the state of their oral health in general, and the appearance of their teeth in particular. New technologies are providing us with exciting new methods to improve your smile, from replacing restorations with natural looking materials, to office-supervised whitening of stained or discolored teeth, and even the replacement of veneers and crowns when necessary.

Crowns and veneers are esthetic solutions to broken-down, decayed, or stained teeth. But just like your natural teeth, they can be damaged by many factors. As we age, our gums can recede which may expose a dark edge of metal or other material at the crown's gum line. We can replace old crowns with new all porcelain alternatives that we are able to match to the shade of your other teeth. We can even duplicate the contours and individual characteristics of natural teeth.

To explore how crowns and veneers can help you, please visit us for a consultation.

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