We take your smile seriously.

TLC - Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Cosmetic restorations look great and they work hard so that you can eat, chew, and speak with self-confidence. Still, they need some TLC. We can revitalize your restorations and enhance their longevity during your continuous care visits.

By polishing and maintaining a smooth surface texture on your resin composites and porcelain restorations, we can help to encourage healthy gums for a natural appearance and fresh breath. Just as with natural teeth, rough surfaces can create too much wear on opposing natural teeth, foster plaque, and encourage unattractive staining.

We know that you are motivated to keep your appealing smile and fresh breath. Technology and modern materials have made home care for restorations easy. We'll be happy to recommend products that promote periodontal health, promote fresh breath, and won't damage restorative materials.

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