We take your smile seriously.

Reward Yourself

A symbolic pat on your own back is nice, but a real reward is better. You and you alone have been brushing, flossing, and maintaining a good oral home care regimen ...even when you'd rather just flop into bed. Don't you think you deserve some smile sizzle? Give yourself the gift of a great-looking, ego boosting cosmetic dental procedure!

Teeth whitening is by far the most popular way to make over a smile. Daily indulgences like drinking tea, coffee, and red wine will gradually stain your teeth. Your toothbrush alone can't combat aging, medications, or heredity.  The dentists of the Tuxedo Dental Group offer all types of whitening including the newest Zoom3 in chair system.

Bonding and veneers are completely natural looking and can correct the appearance and function of cracked, chipped, or unevenly spaced teeth without surgery or braces. Today's materials are well-crafted and translucent so that they look and feel just like the enamel of a natural tooth.

White fillings can make your teeth look like you've never had a cavity filled, and they may make your teeth stronger as well as immaculate looking.

All Ceramic Crowns are an excellent option for badly broken down teeth or teeth with large unsightly fillings.  Our on site laboratory technicians work along side the dentists to help fabricate your crowns and customize them while you wait.

Your smile can communicate "natural" even if your teeth have lived life to its fullest. Dentists use crowns to repair severely damaged teeth, and bridges and implants can replace gaps. Non-surgical tooth lengthening can reveal your beautiful enamel to re-balance too-short or worn-down teeth.

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