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Second-Hand Smoke Delays Tooth Growth

Most of us already understand the many dangers of tobacco smoke and second-hand smoke, but did you know that exposing your child to cigarette smoke could delay development of their permanent teeth? That delay, which averages at least four months, significantly slows the dental process when permanent teeth begin to develop, usually between ages 3 and 6.

Dental research shows that most significant delays in tooth development occur when both parents smoke. Children exposed to smoke from only their fathers also experience a high incidence of tooth formation delays. This could be an indicator that second-hand smoke can be more damaging to the developing teeth than direct exposure from a smoking mother.

If you’re a smoker and can’t kick the habit, smoke only in a well-ventilated area separate from your children. Neither parent, especially the mother, should ever smoke during pregnancy. And all smokers should be considerate of non-smokers, keeping in mind that second-hand smoke can be very dangerous to those around you, especially pregnant mothers and their future fetuses.

If you want to give up smoking, please ask us for assistance. We can recommend a program that can help you get unhooked for good.